Best CBD Edibles for Sleep


Stop wasting your time looking for the best CBD edibles for sleep. You’ve now found them. If you’re one of the 27 million Americans that struggle getting quality sleep, than ‘sleep’ gummies by New Phase Blends just might be exactly what you need to get back to a normal sleep schedule.

Welcome to New Phase Blends’ best CBD blog, where I will cover our patent-pending, CBD based sleep aid gummies. These gummies are a derivative of ‘sleep’, a nationally acclaimed CBD sleep aid. We even have the trials to prove that this sleep aid worked wonders!

If you aren’t familiar with New Phase Blends, take some time to visit the about page and read the interesting, and scary, story about our CEO and his military service. While on active duty, he suffered a spinal cord injury which led him to discovering cannabinoids like CBD. Dale, our CEO, used cannabinoids like CBD to help cope with the pain throughout his recovery process. His entire cervical vertebrae is now fused, however, Dale believes heavily in the powers of CBD to help cope with pain.


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