ASMR |GIVEAWAY|Relaxing Gameplay On My Setup (close-up whispers) ft. Cat Cafe Manager & Littlewood


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Do you like my intro??!!
Here are five videos that were dedicated for the ones that love it! #ASMR #asmrgameplay #cozyasmr


◦ This video will help you sleep ASMR repeating my intro ( OVERLOAD OF TRIGGERS)

◦ These videos will make you sLeepy ASMR all my relaxing intros thus far | welcome back | tapping


Do you like the scratching on the mic intro as well?! I have a dedicated video just for that!


Do you like my tapping?



If your reading this, you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are! You’re loved and YOU matter!💗

My goal for my videos is to relax( and maybe make you laugh a lil😂)and help you guys through any thing you are going through. If you are going through something I want you to know I’m here. If you need to talk just holla atcho girl! I love you guys❣️❣️

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