9-25-22 Sunday Night Astro Live Polaris & Hummingbirds – Retrograde Reset – Zelensky's Dark Skies


On the 9/24 edition of SNAL, we take a look back at the weekend and see what was happening with the 9/24 chart (hint it was more about 9/23) and a lot more.

At the beginning of the stream, we look at the fascinating relationship of birds, migration navigation and the pole star, and in this case, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.

We also take a big picture view of all of the retrograde planets in the sky and how it offers us an opportunity to reset our relationship to the social and cultural institutions they represent.

Lastly, we take another look back at Zelensky’s chart and see fated moments ahead. Keep your eye on January through March specifically.

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