7 Strangest CBD Products Across the Internet


The CBD craze is real. From CBD snacks, to CBD toothpicks, and even CBD activewear, the list seems endless.

The Remedy Review Team has seen a lot of CBD products – from the innovative to the downright ridiculous. But which products are the weirdest? Well, we took to the internet to find the top CBD items that no one asked for.


Tired of seeing the ridiculous? Come back down to earth with some of our CBD Oil Reviews and CBD Explainer Videos:

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Products mentioned in this video:
CBD Pillow: https://cbdpillow.com/

CBD Toothpicks: https://ignite.co/collections/cbd-toothpicks

CBD Potato Chips: http://earthshineorganics.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1094

CBD Hand Sanitizer: https://luckybloke.com/products/felix-ambrosia-bugger-off-hand-sanitizer-cbd-new

Hemp Toilet Paper: https://www.hempiespaper.com/

CBD Activewear: https://acabadaactive.com/

CBD Infused Beer (**Non-Alcoholic**): https://hifihops.com/

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