5 Everyday Activities That May Be Draining Your Energy


Sometimes we’re exhausted even when we follow all of our bodies’ energy rules. While eating three meals a day and sleeping seven to eight hours a night is necessary for healthy functioning and having plenty of energy, there are plenty of activities that deplete it, even ones we’re not aware of.

Feeling drained is a common experience, one that is felt more pressing on some days than others. But, when feeling drained is the norm, it’s important to conduct an overview of your habit in order to see what is responsible for this behavior. Here are 5 everyday activities that may be draining your energy:

Emotionally taxing TV

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TV is one of the things we do to relax and replenish our energies, but the content of what we’re watching has an influence on how we feel. If you’re binging a show and finding yourself emotionally drained, it’s best to keep an eye on these feelings and to moderate how much time you spend with the program, perhaps taking a little break and coming back when you’re ready or watching other types of things that can balance out the emotional scale.

A messy work and living space

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It’s very common to feel messy and disorganized when our live-work space reflects just that. Organizing your work desk can be a time-consuming activity, yet it’s one you should pay attention to, since you likely spend a lot of time there and it can be easy to lose control of it. When it comes to your home, try to keep it in control, since the more disordered it is, the more difficult it becomes to get it back under control. A simple activity you can do is to try to make your bed every morning to help make you feel accomplished from the get-go and providing your bedroom with some order.

Breathing patterns

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Breathing is an unconscious activity, but there are wrong ways of doing it. When you take shallow breaths, you’re likely to feel more stressed due to your brain taking in less oxygen per breath. A helpful mechanism would be to take deep breaths when you’re feeling stressed out, anxious or exhausted. Whether you’re breathing shallowly or not, this activity will make you feel better and will allow you to think more clearly.

Too little or too much exercise

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Exercise is important for regulating our moods. Too little exercise facilitates a sedentary lifestyle and encourages us to move less, resulting in feeling unmotivated and exhausted. Too much exercise provides the opposite effect; it drains of us of our energy, especially if we’re not supplementing our bodies with the right calories.

Waiting too long between meals

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Food is our biggest source of energy, so if you’re feeling depleted, it might be because of the way you’re feeding yourself. A balanced diet, one with a healthy amount of carbs, is important for having enough energy. If you’re waiting too long between meals and feeling tired in between, add in healthy snacks throughout your day that can provide the necessary pick me up.

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