25 Plant "618 Pound!" | Mendo Dope Marijuana Garden featured in High Times Magazine!


In this video we will show you footage from our 25 plant garden, we would like to state that this video is 100% real and was completely destroyed right at harvest on October 10th at 11am by Mendocino county sheriffs and C.A.M.P for being too BIG! Claiming stating the garden was over 618+ pounds!
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This is the entire 2013 “Weed Nerd” footage from Subcool and The Hunters Of The Dank of Mendo Dopes 2013 garden that was later raided, chipped up, and destroyed.

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Stand up to this crooked trap that the government and police put us all in, because of this Mendo Dope will be releasing a new album for the 2014 harvest season called “The Walking Bomb Threat” which refers to the calls, complaints, and snitching that is made on all the Marijuana Criminals or “Urban Terrorists” for having the “Bomb!”

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